The Hieronymus Mueller Family Foundation

The Family Foundation was established in 1994 as a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation for the purpose of establishing and operating the Hieronymus Mueller Museum. Serving on the organizing and original Board of Directors were Ms. Jane Mueller, Mr. John Scot Mueller, and Mrs. Henry Mueller Staley.

Hieronymus Mueller Museum – Decatur, Illinois

The Foundation successfully achieved its goals in opening a museum in 1995 and moving the collection into a newly constructed building in 2005.

The guiding force through those years was Board President, Jane Mueller, who passed away in 2009. The Board recognizes Jane for her drive and determination in leading the Foundation through those formative years.

The Board of Directors expanded to six members in 2010. Four of the members represent lines of descent from Hieronymus Mueller through his seven children. Two of the lines have no living descendants, and one branch is not active in the Foundation.

Board Members

John Scot Mueller, President, represents the Robert Mueller branch of the family
Frank Mueller, represents the Philip Mueller branch of the family
Mark Staley, Treasurer, represents the Henry Mueller branch of the family
Peter Mueller, represents the Adolph Mueller branch of the family
Betty Wheatley, Secretary, represents the employees and retirees of Mueller Co.
Sara Mulligan, represents the Mueller Co.

Museum Staff

Katherine Unruh, Director
Lauren Taylor, Assistant Director
Mike Deatherage, Museum Consultant

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