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Hieronymus Mueller Museum: A portrait of the American dream

Posted by WAND-TV, November 6, 2017

Hieronymus Mueller moved to the United States in 1832.

Through hard work and dedication, Mueller helped change the gas and water industry. Mueller was a German immigrant and an inventor and businessman.

Hieronymus Mueller Assistant Director Laura Jahr says Mueller had wonderful problem-solving skills that are so common in people who are inventor types. He created a very good reputation for himself.

Mueller started as the Decatur City Plumber. He worked to create and expand the water system throughout Decatur and central Illinois.

The first major invention Mueller created was the Mueller Water Tapper, which is still used today. The Water Tapper was the beginning of the Mueller company. The company is knowing throughout the United States.

Jahr says all things water are Mueller because there really aren’t very many water-related products the Mueller company hasn’t had a chapter in. They worked on things like bathroom fixtures, faucets and drinking fountains. The company is most known for today for its fire hydrants.

Found all throughout the United States. Jahr says most fire hydrants are Mueller. Jahr says it’s one of the few things the company produces that’s above ground and visible.

Mueller dedicated his time and effort to severing the Decatur community as well as the country during the world wars. Like many other industrial companies, his switched its production to war efforts.

However, the Mueller museum isn’t just about the Mueller company. Instead, the museum features a lot of history about the city of Decatur. Jahr says that people will come in the museum sometimes to find out more about their family.

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Your Invitation

The Hieronymous Mueller Museum is proud to display numerous exhibits and memorabilia from the Company’s history. We invite you to visit this incredible collection at your earliest convenience.

The museum’s address is 420 West Eldorado Street in Decatur, IL. We’re open to the public on Tuesday through Saturday (except holidays) from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. You can also schedule a visit by calling 217-423-6161. Admission is $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for those under 17 years of age.

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