Working at Mueller Co. in 1925

An interesting little bit of history was unearthed in sorting some old company papers - Mueller Information and Factory Rules. This small 34 page booklet was published in 1925 for distribution to all employees and tells us a great deal about the relationship of the...

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Mueller Son Races from Bloomington to Decatur

The story of Hieronymus Mueller and his interest in automobiles is pretty well known by those of us with an interest in Mueller history. Hieronymus earned a spot in automotive history through this success in America’s first auto race in 1895.

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Defeating “The Cup of Death”

In the summer of 1911, Decatur newspapers were filled with the buzz of the new state law abolishing the public drinking cup. “The Cup of Death”, would soon be a thing of the past.

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Courtship of Adolph Mueller and Minnie Bachman

While we cannot say with certainty when and how Minnie and Adolph met, we do know from the local newspapers that the two were firmly in each other’s social circles. The two were both graduates of Decatur High School – Adolph belonged to the Class of ’88… 1888 that is! Minnie Bachman graduated with the Class of 1889.

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Nels Johnson

One of the most popular artifacts in the museum is the 1850’s sailing ship that greets visitors into the gallery. For many years, the wooden model could be found on the Mueller Lodge piano, but over time the ship’s story, including its maker, had been lost to legend. At one time, it was supposed that Hieronymus himself might have built it.

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We Must Have Information On Vitreous Lavatories and Have It All at Once

As many people know, one of Mueller Co.’s early keys to success was their highly trained sales-staff. A quality salesman knew what Mueller products to sell to their customers, but they were often the first to receive consumer requests. Mueller’s traveling salesmen were always able to listen to the needs of their customers, and as a result they were often instigators for change back at the company.

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A Happy Christmas Story – 1936

On December 15, 1936, the Mueller Company sponsored their annual Christmas Party in honor of the Company’s 635 employees at the Mueller Gymnasium. The party began with a time-honored tradition, as each employee arrived and received a gift basket with a ham and a side of bacon.

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Women in Mueller Co.’s History

From Mueller Co.’s beginnings, women have played important roles, both traditional and unusual. Hieronymus Mueller’s wife, Fredericka, was certainly the “woman behind the man” accompanying both Hieronymus and sons on business trips to trade shows as well as seeing to the needs of the Mueller employees and their families.

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Plumbing the Nation’s Capital in 1906

During a time when indoor plumbing was still somewhat of a novelty in the U.S., the Mueller Company received a contract to furnish plumbing supplies to Washington, D.C. Not only was it a lucrative contract, but it was also an economic boost for Decatur, Illinois, Mueller company’s home town.

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